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Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2
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Presenting our review of the Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Servo for the PC and PlayStation 4.  The base can be purchased from Fanatec for $599.95 in the US or 749.95€ in the EU.

As the name suggests, this is the updated version of the original CSW V1 that came out a few years ago.  Fanatec says that the V2 is not only stronger and smoother than the V1 but is more reliable.

What’s also different from the V1 now is that Fanatec offers a plethora of wheel options thanks to the Universal Hub and new Universal Hub for the Xbox One.  There are also a handful of wheels that feature integrated buttons, paddles and quick connect hub.

Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Review on PC and PS4 - Inside Sim Racing

Fanatec sent the Xbox One compatible hub along with the CSW V2.  The hub retails for $299.95 / 349.95€ or $399.95 / 479.90€ when paired with a rim.

Speaking of the Xbox One, we’re going to cover how this wheel performs on the Xbox One in a later review.

If you aren’t planning on racing on the Xbox One, the now discontinued standard hub can be purchased for $169.95.  It’s essentially the same as the Xbox One hub but it only allows you to use the CSW V2 on the PC, PS4 and PS3.

Back to the wheel base, and the first thing you notice is it still sports the same attractive exterior as the V1.  It truly is form follows function and sports a lot of aluminum and a heavy-duty plastic casing.  This attractive look is also bolstered by little touches such as the black aluminum front plate with machined edges, illuminated START button and the now tinted acrylic cover that allows you to look at the belt driven internals.

The backside of the base features a new cooling fan, along with a hidden I/O featuring power, USB, and connections for pedals, hand brake, H-pattern shifter and sequential shifter.  It not only supports all of Fanatec’s peripherals but can also support Logitech pedals with an optional adapter.

The base also comes with a 20o stand to give the wheel some rake if you prefer.  The stand, along with the base, can only be hard mounted, which is the way to go for a higher end wheel like this.

The wheel still features 900o of rotation via the updated brushless servomotor.  The belt mechanism has also been updated, and is now tighter to eliminate slipping and has new bearings to minimize drag.  The wheel also features DirectSensor and DUAL HALL technology, both of which improve precision measurement of the wheel’s position and eliminates interference issues.

Following the bases’ lead, the hub is another exercise in form follows function.  It utilizes a lot of metal and durable plastic, which is very noticeable once you pick it up and feel the weight.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 6.10.15 PM


    Strong Force Feedback
    Very Smooth
    Looks Great
    Feels High End
    Really Nice Buttons and Paddles
    Customizable / tunable on the fly
    Only wheel on the market that can be compatible with PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One
    Compatible with Logitech pedals as well as Fanatec
    Can plug shifters in directly and with a Basher Boards adapter, you can even run the Thrustmaster TH8 shifters and others.


    Difficult to Reach I/O
    Low Pedal Resolution when Connected to Base
    Xbox One Universal Hub is Pricey (new CSL rim changes that)
    Quick Release That Isn’t Necessarily Quick unless you have multiple hubs or wheels that have the quick release

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