Stigao “Japanese Pack” DLC za Assetto Corsu


Četvrti DLC za Assetto Corsu dostupan je od jučer na Steamu. Uz popularne japanske jurilice dostupno je i ažuriranje igre verzije 1.6. uz punu listu promjena, koju ćemo objaviti na dnu ovog teksta, u novom dodatnom sadržaju za igru stižu nam čak sedam novih automobila, neki od njih i u više variacija (tuning i drift). S tim varijacijama dolazimo do 12 novih automobila koji će se nać u ovom updateu. A evo i puna lista.

– Mazda MX-5 2015
– Mazda MX-5 CUP
– Mazda RX-7 Spirit R + tuned version
– Toyota Supra MK IV + time attack and Drift version
– Toyota AE86 Trueno + tuned and Drift version
– Nissan 370Z NISMO
– Nissan GT-R R34 Skyline V-Spec

Verzija igre 1.6. uključuje i pre-alpha podršku za Oculus Rift VR headset, ispod pogledajte i punu listu promjena u novom ažuriranju:

Changelog 1.6.0

– Oculus Rift SDK 1.3 (WIP Pre Alpha)
– Fixed self shadowing on tyres
– Fixed wrong log output
– Dynamic controllers for turbo boost
– Added RPMS input to dynamic controllers
– Implementation of Scalable Apps
– Fixed replay Interface
– Fixed setup info screen
– Fixed race non progression when player is not moving
– Improved MP collision system
– Improved AI fuel handling
– Fixed Hotlap Mode unlocking achievement through not valid laps
– Fixed deltaT for renderAudio
– Bodywork and horn volumes uses engineVolume
– Bodywork's smoothvalue use a different alpha
– Added analogic placeholder for car modellers
– Added option to draw driver's label on focused car (system\cfg\name_displayer.ini -> DRAW_FOCUSEDCAR)
– Fixed CameraCar bad nearplane when forcing camera mode change (see exiting from replay)
– Implementation of Chat App (system\cfg\chat_app.ini)
– SharedMemory: Moved AirTemp/RoadTemp from Static to Physics, old values in static are deprecated
– Timing use also the hour/minutes format
– Fixed GoToPits Cheat to start from the pits.
– Added 4 Wheel Steer systems (Nissan Skyline , Mazda RX7)
– acServerManager : storing Driver data also save the current
model/skin, so through drag&drop the saved skin can be used on a new
– Added flags indications for completed session in leaderboards
– F9 overlay leaderboard is now avoiding red colours for better differentiation of opponent proximity indicators
– Added new [ASSETTO_CORSA] SIMULATION_VALUE parameter. Increase the
number to increase simulation value. Defaults to 0 for obvious reasons
– Engine performance is now dependent on air density/temperature
– New AWD transmission code, still WIP (Nissan Skyline & Alfa 155)
– Fixed pitstop window not appearing when AI retired some car
– Experimental heating corrections on semislick tyres for Lotus
2-11, Exige Scura, Exige 240 and S3, Lotus Elise SC, KTM X-Bow, Mazda
MX5 ND, Toyota AE86 Tuned and Drift
– BOP for GT3 cars
– Improved Mercedes AMG GT3 data