Project Cars – PC Patch 8.0 dostupan od danas

Novi patch pod brojem 8.0 stiže danas iz Slightly Mad Studija, a ovog puta nešto manji negoli smo navikli. Imamo nekolicinu značajnih fixeva poput popravljenog buga sa spremanjem setupa za DLC staze, popravak loše izvedenog Bloom efekta dok je uključen MSAA, te jedna od najbitnijih popravljenih stvari je fix za crashanje igre sa OSW / Direct Drive volanima jer OSW vlasnici već nekoliko mjeseci nisu mogli uživati u igri sa svojim volanima.

Ovog mjeseca stiže i besplatan autić:

Puni Changelog 8.0:

• McLaren F1 GTR – adjusted cockpit exposure, fixed visual clipping issues.
• Radical RXC Turbo – Fixed typo in statistics file. Engine now correctly displays as V6 not V8, Fixed asymmetry typo in default setup spring rates.
• Lotus 51 – Fixed a typo giving 100 steps to rear fast rebound damper settings instead of 10. Default values were unaffected.
• Renault Megane RS265 – Fixed typo causing asymmetry in default setup springs.
• KTM X-Bow – Fixed clipping on the roof camera.

• Cadwell Park – Fixed an issue where cars while on the main straight would hit the pit wall at a certain spot and be disqualified.
• Ruapuna all layouts – updated the position of the pit exit trigger so it’s after the start line trigger. Full optimisation pass done on all the layouts to improve performance.

Physics, Tires and Setups
• Further adjustment of heating on under-inflated tires where it was reduced as part of the discontinuity fix.
• Fixed issues with players not being able to save setups to DLC tracks, if they started their profile with older versions of the game.

• Fixed OSW / DIY sim wheel driver crash in PID.DLL.

• DLC cars and tracks will now remain selected between game sessions.
• Fixed a bug where some tracks with forced rolling starts was locking out the rolling start option after moving to a different track.

• Extended joypad and dpad bitfields to include some extra buttons on steering wheels. Added ‘same class as player’ flag in participant info mSector field. Fixed a couple of issues with packet types 1/2 not sending at the correct rate.

• Fixed bloom not working correctly on any MSAA mode on PC.

Oculus Rift
• Updated to Oculus SDK 0.8 SDK