World Rally Championship: Potvrđen iOpener

subaru_impreza_wrc_rally_car_04Već duže vrijeme zna se kako je za nadolazeći World Rally Championship najavljena i podrška za inovativnu iOpener (real-time positioning data technology) tehnologiju. Sada je ista potvrđena i najavljena za igru. Tako sa sigurnošću možemo očekivati real-time utrkivanje u vrlo iščekivanom naslovu Black Bean Gamesa. Evo i izjava ljudi iz WRC-a i iOpenera

Simon Long, WRC

“This study should take us a step closer to our goal of allowing WRC fans anywhere in the world the opportunity to become part of the action. Using the internet they would be able to compete in the rally on the same stages against some of the best drivers in the world. If this test is successful then we hope in the future to crown our first virtual rally champion.”

Andy Lürling, iOpener CEO

Together we aim to configure North One Sport’s systems and iOpener’s patented technology to capture high accuracy live action GPS which can then be integrated into the next generation of WRC video games.  These games will allow fans to drive, co-drive, manage or simply watch the WRC from the heart of the action.”